CABS Invoicing, CDR Mediation and Circuit Inventory Management

CABS Expense Management

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  • CABS Field Mapping – Data migration
  • Table Audits
    • End Office (Switch and NPA/NXX) data
    • Access Rates
    • Reciprocal Compensation Rates
    • Carrier Information
    • Traffic Factors (PIU, PLU, PVU)
    • Tandem Recorded Usage feeds
  • Production Process Audits
    • Usage, Trunk Utilization and Rates
    • SOP / M&P Documentation
    • Reject Reconciliation and Recycle
    • Peering and Traffic Balance
  • Vendor RFP
    • Creation and Due Diligence
    • Vendor Selection
  • Collections / Accounts Receivable Analysis
    • Reconcile Disputes to billing and Payments
    • Root Cause analysis
    • Re-rate and Adjustment Procedures
    • Settlement Negotiations
    • Write Offs and A/R Cleanup
    • Carrier Account Management
  • Create M&A Check List
    • A/R Analysis
    • Systems Analysis
    • Migration Duplication
  • CABS Vendor Management
  • National Access Rates Database

Data Tech Products

Leverage the assets and processes associated with legacy CABS products to support the next generation Wholesale and Inter-carrier products of tomorrow.  Let Data Tech be the team that supports bringing those products to your Carrier Customers

Due to Jon and his team’s diligent efforts in revamping the entire CABS billing system at KMC Telecom, we were able to collect millions of dollars in revenue thought uncollectible. His knowledge of CABS systems is extraordinary. I would bring Jon in to lead a team any time; to fix existing problems, to develop proper new systems and/or to pre-review a to be acquired system. I highly recommend Jon, his company and his expert team.
Constance Loosemore
Treasurer – KMC Telecom