CABS Invoicing, CDR Mediation and Circuit Inventory Management

CABS Expense Management

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  • CABS Field Mapping – Data migration
  • Table Audits
    • End Office (Switch and NPA/NXX) data
    • Access Rates
    • Reciprocal Compensation Rates
    • Carrier Information
    • Traffic Factors (PIU, PLU, PVU)
    • Tandem Recorded Usage feeds
  • Production Process Audits
    • Usage, Trunk Utilization and Rates
    • SOP / M&P Documentation
    • Reject Reconciliation and Recycle
    • Peering and Traffic Balance
  • Vendor RFP
    • Creation and Due Diligence
    • Vendor Selection
  • Collections / Accounts Receivable Analysis
    • Reconcile Disputes to billing and Payments
    • Root Cause analysis
    • Re-rate and Adjustment Procedures
    • Settlement Negotiations
    • Write Offs and A/R Cleanup
    • Carrier Account Management
  • Create M&A Check List
    • A/R Analysis
    • Systems Analysis
    • Migration Duplication
  • CABS Vendor Management
  • National Access Rates Database

Data Tech Products

Leverage the assets and processes associated with legacy CABS products to support the next generation Wholesale and Inter-carrier products of tomorrow.  Let Data Tech be the team that supports bringing those products to your Carrier Customers

Jon's expertise in telecom billing makes him a trusted resource for industry veterans and newcomers alike. His focus on bottom-line results and his in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the billing process is a strong asset for any company fortunate enough to utilize his services.
Kim Russo
Co President FKR Services – Tele-Tech