CABS options for smaller LECs and CLECs as the ICC Reform glide path marches on....

Terminating Access revenues continue to decline, yet there is still transport to be billed and be compensated for. Originating Access is still around, but its only a fraction of your CABS traffic, but incrementally valuable, especially Toll Free traffic. Reciprocal Compensation rates shrink with Terminating End Office rate reductions. BUT, your costs for processing CABS stays static, whether you keep it in house or source it. Smaller LECs and CLECs, and soon larger ones, will start to wonder if switched CABS is even still worth doing. Yet, unless every carrier decides to stop billing YOU and unless the costs of LD origination and Tandem Transit also become zero, well, just not billing CABS really isn't an option, or at least its an upside down option.

This is a real conundrum we have pondered here at Data Tech. Not only is the revenue still important for our smaller customers and friends, but we at Data Tech, champions of our customers' CABS revenue dollars for almost 30 years, hate to see IXCs get the benefit of "free" access when a CLEC gives in to the cost/benefit crunch of CABS and related services.

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In answer to this growing issue, we have tailored a unique product which benefits small and even mid-sized carriers and can give new or extended beneficial life to CABS. Think in terms of life cycle CDR management of which CABS is only one internal customer, where the nested expenses of other CDR outputs like retail billing, compliance (CALEA), data warehousing and business intelligence / revenue assurance bear the the expense or partial expense of generating CABS. Think in terms of the nested cost of regulatory and tariff consulting, disputes and collections, access cost management, circuit billing and inventory, wholesale billing and contract management all of which still must take place and can be bundled into a service which spreads and reduces cost across all. Think CABS billing less than monthly, maybe bimonthly or even quarterly. Think one provider for these services instead of multiple providers. Think re-purposing seasoned key staff who have supported CABS and related services and in whom your company also has a great investment and high equity and wants/needs to keep around. When you think of those things, think ROI...think experience....think Data Tech. We continue to grow while others shrink, our competencies are broad enough to weather the impacts of ICC reform and our partners are great and strong. We will be here tomorrow.


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