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CABS and IP Peering - Longevity and Opportunity

In an Inter-carrier world where termination expenses are now falling, but in a world where Tandem transit costs with the RBOCs remain static (and where IP interconnection is still largely unavailable), more and more carriers are exploring and entering into IP to IP peering as a lower cost alternative to the Tandems. These agreements can be revenue and expense win/wins and bill easily through CABS at an ICB negotiated rate. This also reduces Phantom and un-billable EMI from the RBOC tandems and gives added traffic control to the CLEC as an additional revenue assurance benefit.


  • Serving most of the Nation's Top 10 Cable MSO CLECs
  • Multiple platforms to fit any size carrier
  • Best of Breed Strategic Partner base
  • 30 years In Inter-Carrier Experience